Friday, July 24, 2009

Looking good. All cleaned up.

I just want to say a couple of quick words. We got back from my nephew Christopher wedding in Toledo. What a nice wedding it was. He has been in the Army since he graduated from high school.

Here is Christopher and Uncle Ron. Both looking good.

Bob (dad) and Cheryl (mom) looking proud and happy....

Here is our oldest - Jeff and Katie (Bob and Cheryl's youngest). Katie and Jacob (#3) are just one year apart, but they both graduated this year from High School. Katie looks really pretty and Jeff really looks good. Men always look good in a tux.

Here is the Compeau clan minus Dena (#4)- Dale Jr (#1) Cheryl (#2) Mom Dad and Ron (#3 )

It was a really nice wedding. We got to spend the night in a hotel - (Country Inn) that is always fun. Ron and I made a trip out of it. We were gonna go golfing but that did'nt work out so we hit Cabela's on the way home and made a stop at a golf store (GolfSmith) and I got a new putter and Ron bought a new wedge. He seems to have a wedge fedish..... But I would never tell him that....

I have finish another one of my purses that I started the other day.

Here a couple of pics

Please pay no mind to the background of both of these pics- One is my sewing room and it needs to be cleaned and the other is an old dresser that I got from my mom but it works awesome for craft supplies....

I really liked how this one turned out. I just need to add some cardboard to the bottom of it. To make it a little more stable. I can't wait to use it. I got the pattern from another one of the Quilts and More magazine.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I think we are having a cookout. Will try and get more pics this weekend.

Take care Teri


  1. What a happy day for everyone! Beautiful family.

    I really like the bag, too. Do you have any old rotary cutting mats - you know, the ones that have grooves cut into them or the one that got too close to the iron and one end of it is all wobbly? Those are great to cut up for bag bottoms. It looks like byou have some nice strong men in yourl life who might be willing to do that for you!

    Thanks for piping up on my recent blog post - it's nice to see you!

    Tracy in SW WA

  2. Thanks for the bag bottom idea. I would have never thought of that either. I have used cardboard but that get weak after a while. Thanks. I love your blog.....