Tuesday, November 2, 2010

election day

Well today all of the commercials for the elections will come to and end… WooHoo….. I made sure I went out and voted.  Some people I have no idea who they are got my vote  lol  I voted in the most important parts.  Laughing out loud

 I was able to download all of my updates on my gypsy… So now I have some new carts and I can not wait to play with it…

Have a great evening….

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oct 30th 2010

Had a wonderful day today scrapbooking with family….  I only did about 6 pages, but I didn’t start working until noon even  though I got there at around 9am.  I love getting with family and scrapbooking…. Lots of laughs…  Had a wonderful time.  Thanks everyone.

I got a new computer so I hope to be working on my blog a little bit more. So expect to hear from me more often.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Here is my new Cricut... I just love it... I used it to make my Christmas cards this year.

Sorry I have not been on here much... I thought I would try and post everyday but it has been months.. But then I did have a lot of things going on.

First my youngest son had his knee scoped in November to fix his ACL. But the doctor stopped because he wanted him to see another orthopedic doctor to do more of the repair work.

Then we had Christmas and I had a bunch of things that I wanted to get finished(craft) that were gifts. It seems the month of December always goes by way to fast...

I have to finish a couple of quilts and a purse that I am making for my sister. Then I will be getting back into scrapbooking. Which I am looking so forward to .... I have a ton of ideas running threw my brain...

I hope to post a few more pictures later today of our Christmas and my sisters new little puppy...
Have a great morning...