Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Monday

Just wanted to test out this blogger on the go... Maybe now I will keep my blog a little bit more up to date.

Short work week.. Heading to Kentucky to visit with our son this weekend.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

election day

Well today all of the commercials for the elections will come to and end… WooHoo….. I made sure I went out and voted.  Some people I have no idea who they are got my vote  lol  I voted in the most important parts.  Laughing out loud

 I was able to download all of my updates on my gypsy… So now I have some new carts and I can not wait to play with it…

Have a great evening….

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oct 30th 2010

Had a wonderful day today scrapbooking with family….  I only did about 6 pages, but I didn’t start working until noon even  though I got there at around 9am.  I love getting with family and scrapbooking…. Lots of laughs…  Had a wonderful time.  Thanks everyone.

I got a new computer so I hope to be working on my blog a little bit more. So expect to hear from me more often.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Here is my new Cricut... I just love it... I used it to make my Christmas cards this year.

Sorry I have not been on here much... I thought I would try and post everyday but it has been months.. But then I did have a lot of things going on.

First my youngest son had his knee scoped in November to fix his ACL. But the doctor stopped because he wanted him to see another orthopedic doctor to do more of the repair work.

Then we had Christmas and I had a bunch of things that I wanted to get finished(craft) that were gifts. It seems the month of December always goes by way to fast...

I have to finish a couple of quilts and a purse that I am making for my sister. Then I will be getting back into scrapbooking. Which I am looking so forward to .... I have a ton of ideas running threw my brain...

I hope to post a few more pictures later today of our Christmas and my sisters new little puppy...
Have a great morning...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Again I have been so busy..My husband left on wednsday of last week for deer camp and was gone until Sunday. So I had the house to myself and I cleaned and played. I did more playing but I went through a bunch of stuff in my room and sorted things and rearranged. I rearraged so well that I could not find some things again, but I also found some stuff that I had not seen in a while. Last year when my mom passed away my step-father gave me a lot of my moms crafting stuff. I went through it before but I went through it again.

I finished a quilt for my cousins son who will be having a baby soon.

It was just one of those kits that you get from the quilt store. Super easy and quick... My kind of projects.

I also made a couple of pot holders. I am thinking of making them for Christmas gifts this year. The ones I made will be going to camp for the guys. They were my practice ones :)

I also bought a quilt kit from Connecting Threads. I worked on that also. I have it done just need to quilt it now. This will be a gift for my nephew for Christmas. I really hope he likes it. When it is done it will be a bedroll type quilt...

I also played around with my cricut. I did 4 pages in my scrap book. I also cleaned out a bunch of scrapbooking junk. Well not junk but I think you know what I am talking about. There is a LSB in my area that takes unwanted scrapbooking supplies and they they go to a counsling group for young girls. Part of the therpy is to finish a scrapbook. Which I think is a awesome idea...So now I have a box of goodies for them.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Sorry I have not written in a while.... I have been really busy.... Just don't ask about what because I could not really tell you for sure......

I have been reading a few books some have been really good and some just drag along. I have been golfing a lot. Almost any chance I can get. I know that winter is just around the corner so I want to be out as much as possible. We have started to bowl again. Saturday night was the the 2nd time that we bowled for the new season. Ron and I bowl on a mixed league, it is an every other Saturday night one. Which makes it nice because we are not committed to every Saturday but just enough to have fun with. Plus I get to see my sister on those Saturdays and that is really wonderful.....

I went scrap booking with my sister in law Cheryl and my mother in law a couple of weeks ago. A friend of mine's first baby died when she was about 8 months pregnant. It was really sad. Of course the doctors could not say for sure why. So every year she has a crop called Emily's Scrap. And the proceeds go to "The Baby Pantry" here in town. The baby pantry is a program that helps with low income family or family's in trouble. They have car seats, clothes, diapers, food and anything related to a baby. So Emily's Scrap is for a good cause.

Well they had a cricut machine there with tons of cartridges that you could use..... I have wanted one of these machines for a long time. My sister has one and my mother in law has a small one. Even Becky my co-worker has one. But they run about $300.00 for the Expression.....

Well I bought one last week from HSN.... So I got to play over the weekend. They are really cool. Ron will be going to hunting camp this week so I will be playing while Dad is gone :)

I just have to finish up a baby quilt that I am making for my cousins son who is having a baby. We have the baby shower to go to in a couple of weeks.

I have all the blocks made from that quilt I am making from the Macalls magazine. I am thinking about making it a little larger so it will fit on my bed. I have to figure out how much bigger it needs to be. I am thinking that I may just add another row on. So I will be putting this up until after christmas. That way I can start working on Christmas gifts. I have lots of ideas for Christmas. Now I have to just decide what I am gonna be making......

Well hopefully I will get back to this more this week, maybe I will post some pics of my cricut and some things I have made with it....

Happy Monday

Friday, September 11, 2009

Nine - Eleven-

Isn't it funny how your days just pass you buy and then you have a day where you remember just about everything about it. Nine- eleven is one of those days. I remember I was at work and we were listening to the radio and started hearing a little bit what was happening. My husband was on 3rd shift. So I called him right away and he had the TV on and was telling me that it was true - that a jet intentionally flew into a building in New York and then he said there goes another one.... It was just a sad day. Needlessly sad.

We even went home to get a TV so we could watch what was going on and find out who did this.

Lets give a prayer for so those that lost there lives that day. And to those that are working to keep us safe.