Thursday, October 8, 2009

Again I have been so busy..My husband left on wednsday of last week for deer camp and was gone until Sunday. So I had the house to myself and I cleaned and played. I did more playing but I went through a bunch of stuff in my room and sorted things and rearranged. I rearraged so well that I could not find some things again, but I also found some stuff that I had not seen in a while. Last year when my mom passed away my step-father gave me a lot of my moms crafting stuff. I went through it before but I went through it again.

I finished a quilt for my cousins son who will be having a baby soon.

It was just one of those kits that you get from the quilt store. Super easy and quick... My kind of projects.

I also made a couple of pot holders. I am thinking of making them for Christmas gifts this year. The ones I made will be going to camp for the guys. They were my practice ones :)

I also bought a quilt kit from Connecting Threads. I worked on that also. I have it done just need to quilt it now. This will be a gift for my nephew for Christmas. I really hope he likes it. When it is done it will be a bedroll type quilt...

I also played around with my cricut. I did 4 pages in my scrap book. I also cleaned out a bunch of scrapbooking junk. Well not junk but I think you know what I am talking about. There is a LSB in my area that takes unwanted scrapbooking supplies and they they go to a counsling group for young girls. Part of the therpy is to finish a scrapbook. Which I think is a awesome idea...So now I have a box of goodies for them.