Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Thursday

I just finished a wonderful book called "The Perfect Summer" by Luanne Rice. This was a really good book. One of those that you have a hard time putting down. It was not one of my normal reads (sereal killer, total mystery, or a little love lost type) There was a little mystery involved but the story was manly about a mom and her children. A very good take me away from life type book. This was one of my first Luanne Rice books. And I will looking for more of them.

I hemmed a couple of pairs of my blue jeans last night. The first pair were an older beater type jeans. They needed to be hemmed quite a bit (2 inches) but they turned out pretty good. The second pair only had to be hemmed an inch and they turned out much better. Now that I know that I can do, I will have to start heming more. The jeans are so long anymore, even if you wear heals which I don't, they would still be long. I will try and post a picture later.

I am still really excited about going to the Buick Open. The weather looks like it is gonna be awesome, a little sunny and warmer. This has been one of our cooler summers, but I have really enjoyed it. We havent had to use the air only a couple of times this summer.

Jeff and I will be finishing up the Ma and Pa golf league. One of couples will not be able to golf the rest of the season. Now we have to pay but that is ok. We both have a really good time and enjoy each other.

Well I better get back to work. Talk later

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  1. Okay missy..send those long jeans to me?! I could wear a 38" inseam if I could find them! I'm ALL legs and I'm NOT spending $100 on a pair of jeans just to get them extra long...yes, I'm a tight-wad. I've never had to hem a pair of jeans in my...well, all my jean-wearing years! lol