Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 13th 2009

Well sorry I have not posted in a week. It has been a busy one.

I just finished reading Dead until Dark (Southern Vampire Series) this is also the miniseries on HBO Trueblood. It started out pretty slow, but it was actually pretty good. I can't wait to read the next one. It was pretty graphic in parts, but I have found that I could really like a few of the characters. I'm not really a fang banger type person, I am more into the witches and warlocks.

Well I have two Saturdays to go(this Saturday and next) until Jacobs open house and it is now raining out. I need to get some yard work done and shampoo the carpet, which when it is drizzling out is not a good idea. The carpet will not dry and the mosquitoes will carry me away outside in the drizzle. So maybe I will go shopping instead, or work on some sewing.

I was so bummed that the wings lost last night, but they had a hell of year. I just dread looking at the sports pages though, I would like to find out the score on the Tigers game. Besides now we will find out what all the injuries were on the players...

I finished up my last runner for the dryer last night. All done, I just need to put them on and I will take a picture and hope to get posted on here. I think I will head into my sewing room and clean it up a little and then maybe get sewing on Bonnies new mystery that was in the Quiltmaker mag. I have always wanted to do one of her mysteries but never had the time they also go so fast on them. I think this one is for three months.......

Happy Birthday to my Middle son (RJ) today he turns 22 years old. Boy I am getting old : )


  1. I've read and loved all of the Southern Vampire/Sookie Stackhouse books except the newest one. After reading episode descriptions of the HBO series, I decided I'd rather just keep my mental picture of the characters and not mess it up with some filmmaker's ratings-focused artistic license. :-)

  2. Yes I have to agree with you.. My co-worker has the books and I am waiting for her to finish so I can read the next one. I may end of buying them for myself, maybe it will give me something to look for at garage sales, besides craft things....... :)