Sunday, June 7, 2009

Well yesterday did not go as planned. I went golfing instead of shampooing the carpet. That still needs to get done, but not today it looks like rain. But Lucky got groomed, I took pictures but they are still on the camera, will try for them later. And Ron got the garden planted. He hopes everything will be ok because it was still wet but he wanted to get it planted because it was suppose to rain last night and today. He planted about 8 tomato plants and about 8 pepper plants. We also need to find some pickles to plant.

And best of all this is what happened last night at the Joe..... Osgood had a shut out. What better way to shut up some Penguin fans and that is to have a shut out. The refs were really calling some penalties and the Wings were playing hockey their way and not the Penguins way..... Way to go wings.... Lets just do it again on Tuesday. Games are 3-2 in the Wings favor.

Later to night I have to go to my stepfathers house and pick up some things from there. Our mother passed away in October. And my stepdad has a new girlfriend. I am happy for him but I just think that he is rushing things a little to fast. So he is having an auction sale and I think moving in with this lady. So we need to go over to the house and pick up a few things left there of moms that we want. So wish me luck on that one because I am really gonna need it.....

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