Thursday, August 6, 2009


Before baking

We just love jalapenos. We normally have a bunch of plants in our garden. This has not been a good a year for gardens in Michigan. We may be having a really nice cool summer, but the cool mornings are not good for getting veggies to grow and ripe in the garden. Normally I have taken tons of pics of our garden by now, but not this year. (it looks really lame). Our tomatoes are rotting on the vines........

So we normally have lots of jalapenos. We usually eat a couple a night.

It really figures because I found this really yummy way of making them and they are so good. But I have had to buy the jalapenos because we only have a few. I found this recipe on, this website has a lot of everything. Almost all of her recipes look really good. But be sure to check her out. She is also so funny. I love her blog......

After baking for 30 mins- Yum!!!!

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